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On line Renewal Application




​Information for the Applicant – Encryption License Renewal

  • This is an On-Line process for submitting an Encryption License Renewal Application.
  • A Restricted or a Special Encryption License is usually valid for 3 years.
  • The Encryption License is given to a specific encryption item or product. Before submitting the license renewal application please conduct a thorough check regarding changes in the product. For example: Adding new algorithms, changing key length, changing encryption interface, all changes related to the use of encryption in the product. If such changes were made you will be asked to describe it in the license renewal process.
  • In order to offer you the best service please fill out the form with the most accuracy.
  • Fields marked with * are required fields.
  • You can save the company's data permanently for more applications renewal by using a "Cookie".
  • For more information please call us at 972-72-3915739.
  • Remark:

This On-Line process is secured by a 128Bit SSL encryption. Please contact the IMOD Encryption Control Unit if you wish to coordinate the transfer of such messages or information by an alternative means.

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