Arrow System Tests
Arrow System Test No. 8
"Black Sparrow"

The AST#8 was successfully conducted on January 5, 2003.

This was the first in a series of tests intended to evaluate the system's performance against the next generation of incoming threats. The test was part of the Arrow System Improvement Program - A.S.I.P which is currently being carried out jointly by Israel and the U.S.

This was also the tenth Arrow Interceptor test and the fifth test of the complete weapon system. Its timing was decided in advance, as part of the multi-year planning of the program.

The test objectives which were defined together with the U.S. partner, were to analyze the interceptor's performance under special flight conditions. An incoming target was not needed for the test.

The system's capabilities in continuous launching conditions were also checked. Four simulated targets were injected into the Fire Control Radar.

All the system components performed in their operational configuration.

Immediately after the test director initiated the targets simulation, the Fire Control Radar (FCR) acquired the targets, the Battle Management Command Center (BMC) calculated the defense plan for each target, and sent a mission command to the launcher.

The launcher was equipped with six interceptors; four of them were launched.

The test interceptor was the first to be launched and it was then followed by three Short Burning Time Motor Interceptors (STBM) in order to check the multi launching process.